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03:25am 03/01/2009
  new years was absolutely insane.. but probably the best one to date
and i am unemployed. i feel like my brain is melting.

and thats about it. i think im over this whole 'livejournal' thing.

yeaa.. im done. goodbye livejournal. i hardly knew ya.
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these simple things   
02:46am 20/12/2008
  ive seen the day become consumed by the night
And I've watched as men change their skins beneath the moonlight

i'm freezing my ass off. and everything is buried beneath a foot of snow. Imagine what january will be like. No one in michigan will be going anywhere. they might as well shut down the big three till then. cause half of them wouldn't make it to work anyways. but you probably wouldnt know what im talking about. but if you do, then lets go on a date. unless your name starts with an 'a' then dont bother. ive tried two of those and they dont work. Bummer ladies.

And oh, was it a dreadful sight
as the sun and stars began their celestial fight
tom waits for no man   
05:28am 13/12/2008
  who needs anything when they have everything

even in times of economic turmoil, this still has been the best winter yet.

probably due to the fact that i can legally drink. not only legally, but for free, niggah

haha. j/k. i have great friends.
magic bullets   
01:02pm 05/12/2008
  winter is so nostalgic
my best memories are of driving home from detroit late at night with my family listening to NPR

it's really weird how everything has changed in the past 4 years..

but theres days when you just cant shoot for shit
with magics or not
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through the darkness of future past   
01:23am 24/11/2008
  the magician longs to see
one who chants between two worlds..fire walk with me

p.s. david lynch is the fuckin man
Take me into the night   
05:03am 23/11/2008
  and blow, wind blow..
so there's Another girl entering my life

And she will be mine, Oh Yes, She Will be mine.

So hang on saint christopher to the passenger side
and hang on, st. chris, to the money in your hand
and hang on, hang on...

Temptation..i can't resist
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I will Be Causing Trouble In the Next few Minutes..   
03:53am 18/09/2008
today has been a very long day

i have No Idea what to post in these things anymore..

....i Am a demon ...?
06:13pm 21/08/2008
mood: stupid
i got bored and built two shelves, a bench, and exhumed 4 garbage bags full of.. well.. garbage from my room..

yep yep yep... nothing is really new. other than wheatland, which is going to be great. and my new computer monitor. actually, neither of those are new.. this will be my third time going to wheatland and i've had this monitor since may, i think... Back when i had a ton of money to blow on stuff like computer monitors that i wouldn't use in several months.

i think i might build another shelf. Haha.. i'm loving this sudden surge of ultra-productivity

Oh, and.. my brother's birthday party is tomorrow night (and back on that productivity note.. if you are familiar with my back bonfire pit, it's totally different, with more open spaces, tiki torches, pong table and a bench handcrafted by yours truly), so come and enjoy kegs of pabst, fires, and pongs of the beer variety.
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01:51am 30/07/2008
  the weirdest two weeks in a long time
this will all one day make a good movie.. maybe too good of a movie
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broken arrow   
01:17am 25/07/2008
  we're 86 'the bitches'
i repeat, broken arrow
i hear you feeling me   
03:11am 24/07/2008

as i see you watching me
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on another shore leave   
02:47am 24/07/2008
  i guess i should be used to it  
whiskey, beer and valium   
09:21pm 14/07/2008
  i spent the majority of my day hanging out with 9 year olds.. kids are smarter than you think.
but today was really weird. i've been drinking since about an hour after i woke up. i might have caused some unnecessary tension between people, although i didn't do anything wrong. i cooked some pretty mean steaks (but when do i don't, right?) and now im sitting contemplating this livejournal post. Oh shit, LJ has become self-aware.. better stop while i'm ahead
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01:13am 10/07/2008
  tied up, and in a cage
i see the hours go by like days
i spend my life out in the sun..
i see the light but i just dont care

today i spent the most beautiful day off working on my dad's car for 6 hours
but whatever.. i now know how to drop a driveshaft and replace universal joints. Haha. i rule
12:46am 03/07/2008
  manic depression is a full straight and miss..
i miss my old baby but i just don't know
if she doesn't love me i know her sister will
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01:53am 30/06/2008
  today, i bowled like shit
i also introduced my puppy to doritos
which strengthens my theory that every living being loves doritos
Seriously, find one person/plant/animal/fungi that would not be able to dwell upon doritos and have a very delicious time.. but besides my research....

i have nothing to offer, to anyone. It's almost like a curse.. Sorry dudes, i apologize for being so unappealing, due to the fact i have nothing to offer... Nothing material anyways, except for a few beers and a couple cigarettes every now and then, maybe a big hug or some spare doritos...

Jesus lord almighty i'm drowning myself in my own sarcasm
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aug 4   
03:13am 27/06/2008
  Radiohead! Live! In! Concert!
Whats round on the sides and high in the middle?
OHIOOOO!!! The State of opportunity!
I have an extra ticket. apply within.
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Whats the fungus   
01:06am 21/06/2008
  Everyone i know on the Intraweb wants a puppy
I have a puppy..
10 dollars. And it's yours.

Trust me puppies suck. They poop. they pee. they also chew up all of your prized possessions.

Don't get a puppy. They'll have their party, And eat your cake. Yes, they'll eat Your birthday cake, candles and all.

05:38pm 17/06/2008
  i got my radiohead tickets..Kickass!
and the asshole manager from applebee's was fired yesterday. Double Kickass!
and i've noticed the worst thing about being single is that there's no one around who's willing to shave my neck
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the ole dental floss   
04:33am 14/06/2008
  so i've been handed the shitty end of the stick at work.. e.g. down to three shifts a week. A quick shift from getting about 6 to seven shifts every week. Meh. Whatever. I'll live, but not very lively.

just very recently i would wish that by-gone's will be nothing but that, by-gone's. When it all boils down, who really gives a fuck..? I probably don't.. unless you build a time machine. But in that case i would go ridiculously far into the future and battle Morlocks and make love to sexy future-women... if you don't agree then your gay

Fuckin' queer

haha J/k dawg, j/k